Paper Perplex by Katarzyna Kanturska

„Paper Perplex” is the collection created by SAPU graduate Katarzyna Kanturska for Cracow Fashion Awards 2013. She took inspirations from paper – it's history, color, forms and structures what resulted in discovery of synthetic paper Tyvek. In her collection she justapoxed Tyvek and knitted fabrics to create unsual, yet still wearable garments. Tyvek seems to be a combination of paper, textile and foil remaining all theirs best qualities. It's untearable, waterproof, stain-resistant and can be printed on! Now, Katarzyna launched new brand named KANT. The concept links Tyvek with other fabric like natural lether and lace to create clothes and accesories that are almost indestructibles. Her latest works ca be found and ordered at

A Winters Breeze by Darren Brade

Inspired by the Nordic goddesses Freya (of Love and Fertility), Frigga (of Marriage and Motherhood) and Hel (of the Underworld)

Designers:   Flylander Couture (Coats)
                    Scottacus Anthony (Gowns)
                    Essella Boutique (Shoes)

Photographer:    Darren Brade
Hair:                    Vicki Lord
Make-up:            Kelli Waldock

Models:        Lonnie Beckley
                     Harriet Dennant
                    Julia Howe